Live AIS data is a web browser
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Hi, Another oddball question... I have a live data stream of AIS data and I would like to take the data and ultimately display it on a world map through a web browser. The problem is that I have no clue as to how I would display live updated information on a map.

I would like the map to update as the stream of data is coming in. This might be an ambitious project for someone who is weak on web programming, but i figured it would be worth looking into.
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You could just transform it to KML, and have people download Google Earth. Just a thought...
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Response by poster: We already have it going to Google earth. I want no additional software of any type. Would like it all to happen in the web browser. at most a plug-in
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The Google Maps API is probably a good place to start, especially if you've written enough code to get it into Google Earth. You'll need a decent knowledge of Javascript to write it though.
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Response by poster: I will look into that
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Try this link. hopefully you are interested in these regions. If so, these KMZ files work great in Google Earth.

Once you have loaded the KMZ file, type CTRL-F to search for a specific vessel by name. One of the coolest things ever.
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Sounds like you could convert the data to GeoRSS and display it with OpenLayers.
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