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I've this near-OCD compulsion to want to put a name to people that catch my eye. In the music video for New Order's "Crystal," who is the lead singer for the fictional Killers band? I can't seem to find any information online aside "...and that's where the real band The Killers came from! Hur hur." Are there any "credits" for the video that could list the names of the people portrayed, or is this a mysterious dead end?

A link to the video on youtube. Thank you guys and gals in advance!
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The YouTube comments took away my will to live. But they're pretty funny....no one knows what the hell anyone else is talking about. There are three bands all being discussed at the same time (The Killers, the fake band, New Order) and no one knows which band anyone else is talking about. So many people are very confused by a video featuring New Order in which New Order doesn't appear, and a drum set says The Killers on it but The Killers aren't in the video either...hee. And if I read one more time that The Killers took their name from the fake band in the video..... ! And one more "Hey that doesn't look anything like Brandon Flowers!!!!!"

So.....after reading many comments, either it's a realllllllly hot and cute boy (as most girls seem to want to believe) or it's actually a girl - the model that's on the cover of the album that Crystal is on - "Get Ready". The name of the model/actress is Nicolette Krebitz. I personally don't see the resemblance.
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Response by poster: Man, wading through pages of youtube comments? That's an incredible sacrifice for this question..! I salute you.

I doubt it's indeed Nicolette - the resemblance isn't there as you said, and nearly every page online that mentions her involvement with New Order, mentions her being on the Get Ready cover along with more photos inside its booklet. It would make sense for them to follow that with "She's also in their music video of yaddayadda."
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I like a challenge, but this is ruining my afternoon.....nothing absolutely nothing. Although I did learn a lot about the video director Johan Renck and his new film 'Down-Loading Nancy' which doesn't sound so great.
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Looks like this fellow was involved in the video. If your curiosity compels you, you could e-mail him and ask?
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I've actually gone on the same hunt with no results. All I know is he went to St. Martins art school in London. This guy must really have something.
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Oh, let me know if you find out who he is!
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This dude claims his older brother was the lead singer in the video.
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Response by poster: timsneezed, I'm curious how you learned that - you must have had a more successful info hunt.

polyester.lumberjack and wherever, whatever, looks like that's the way to go! I'll give email a shot with both of them and see where it takes me. Thanks for running a fine comb through the internet ;)
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somebody mentioned in a youtube comment about two years ago that the video was done with kids they plucked from that school. The particular posting of that video and the comments attached have since disappeared.
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Response by poster: No reply from the YouTube kid, although Michael Shamberg said it would be difficult to find the names due to the production company not being in business anymore. Rawr!
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