New York State is turning me into a libertarian...
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The bill of sale for my car was ruined. The dealer I bought it from doesn't seem to want to send me a copy. Is New York State going to make me pay another load of sales tax on my car to register it?

I bought a car in Virginia in 2006. I kept the bill of sale in the glove box (why, I don't know) and there was a leak from a bottle of solvent which washed all the ink off the document. The evidence I can bring in support of my claim that I bought it in Virginia is two years of registration forms, and a phony bill of sale the dealer drew up the day before but didn't sign. (I think it was an attempt to set too high a price in stone early in the negotiation. We agreed on a lower price in the end.) Is that going to be enough to avoid a wallop from the New York State taxman? The DMV says that to avoid paying sales tax you have to have the bill of sale from the purchase in the other state, showing the sales tax, but how strict are they likely to be about that?
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I'd work on the dealer rather than worrying about not having it. What's their problem?
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Response by poster: They're just not doing it. They say it's in storage downstairs, and they haven't had time to go get it. It's not like they can possibly benefit by helping me.
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Wait, so was it a VA title that was ruined or a NY?
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Do you know anyone in Virginia you can send to talk to the dealer? Preferably someone who has a fair bit of time on their hands, so can go in in the morning, ask for the thing, be told "it's in storage", ask "when can I come back for it?" and hopefully be told "this afternoon" or "tomorrow".
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Response by poster: The title is fine. It's the bill of sale which is ruined. It records a transaction in VA, which included VA sales tax.

I know people in VA who would drop by for me, but don't really know anyone with a lot of time on their hands. Most of my friends are in DC, about 30 mi away.
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Response by poster: (I'm thinking of maybe offering the dealer a small consideration for his trouble...)
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Response by poster: Never mind, I think this was a silly question. The title indicates the VA sales tax paid. Thanks for getting me to take a closer look at it, meta_eli.
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Response by poster: They accepted the title alone. Sorry for the silly question.
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