Free food in the east bay for a birthday girl?
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It's my friends birthday tomorrow, and she's extremely low on cash and trying to figure out if there are any decent places (hopefully better then Denny's) around Oakland/Berkeley that give out free or greatly discounted food on birthdays. Any suggestions?
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Could people come over for a potluck? That's way more fun than Denny's, takes longer than it takes to eat at Denny's (on a dollars-per-hour basis), and if people bring a little booze and some boardgames, say, could be quite a romp.
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Here's an older list that might be helpful (not Bay Area specific)

Another list.

A lot of the offers are for desserts or cake or sides, but a couple are meals.

This search is a start: Google search for birthday free
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I can't recall a single place in the East Bay that would give you a free meal. At best, you can get a free dessert out of it.

Do a potluck or BBQ as mdonley suggested. Or do a party at night and just ask people to bring alcohol.
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You could just have people join you for a meal out and split her bill between everyone else.
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Todai!!! If she likes sushi, it's gotta be Todai. All-you-can eat Asian buffet, with crab and yummy salads, good quality imo, and $25 (last I went) for normies but FUH-REE for birfdies!!!
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Hana Japan in the Berkeley Marina has free birthday meals...but they're pretty dang expensive for everyone else who has to pay!
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