Help me embarass my friend.
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Where can I buy a giant foam cowboy hat in the Toronto area?

Help me embarass my friend. I need a giant foam cowboy hat (example) for a friend's bachelor party, which is this Saturday. I live in downtown Toronto. There are some U.S. online joke shops that will deliver internationally, but they can't guarantee the hat will arrive by the end of the week. Is there a local joke shop I don't know about? How about an e-tailer based in Ontario? Any suggestions appreciated.
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Try calling magic shops in the area. They often carry such things. I bought mine at a magic shop.
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I'd check out the string of souvenir shops/crappy cheap sports stuff stores along Yonge St. I was going to suggest party stores, but the closest I got was the hat section of this one, which is a bit far from downtown. Close, but no cigar.
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In a pinch, you can probably make one with foam from a fabric store (or somewhere that sells foam?) and hot glue.
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