Cowboy Hat in NYC
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Where in NYC can I buy a cheap, used cowboy hat. Nothing nice at all, just something. If convenient to the upper west side, all the better. Mostly I'm just looking for a place I can go and more likely than not actually find one.
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I don't know about cheap, but there is a Western store on Broadway south of Canal. I don't know the exact cross streets. Near white st. though, I think. If I walk by it over the weekend I'll get the cross streets and see if they have cowboy hats.
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Billy Martin's western wear, 62d and 3d. Not going to be cheap.

Personally, I'd order online from Sheplers. Save a fortune.
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Arnold's Hatters on 37th and 8th (sorry, not the location you want) will certaily have one. And it won't be cheap. But thinking of that, a trip to the garment district right around there might net you what you are fishing for.
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if you are up for a trip to brooklyn, beacon's closet on 5th avenue in park slope will probably have them, as it is a hipster thrift store.
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