One of these days these boots are gonna...vanish into thin air?
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Asking for a dear friend who lost some beloved footwear over the course of a move: Where in New York City do you go to get a nice pair of cowboy boots?
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Western Spirit, at 395 Broadway? I never bought boits there, but they have all sorts of western paraphernalia.
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Lots of cowboy boots on ebay .
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Best answer: There's a few places on West 18th between 5th and 6th.
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Best answer: How "nice" are we talking about here?

Mind Boggler Boots: 43 W 8th St, near Washington Square Park. They looked like a place with a good consumer-grade selection of boots, including cowboy boots, last time I walked in there.

If we're talking expensive custom made cowboy boots boots, you're talking Space Cowboy.
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Best answer: If you don't mind a short trip to NJ, Globe Western Wear on Rt. 17 in Paramus.
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I like Globe too, and have made the trip for all kinds of boots! Just for fun (and if you have mad cash) you have to go to Billy Martin's. It's worth it just for the people-watching.
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