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Why can't I find a simple app to remind me when it's time to catch the bus?

I'm looking for a simple Windows reminder app, and can't seem to find one that behaves like I'd like. All I want is something with flexible, recurring schedule (i.e. remind me at 5:10pm every Monday through Friday) that will pop up a small window (something along the lines of the Outlook "New E-Mail" notifier) that (and this is the most important part) does not require me to click on it or acknowledge it in any way. I can find plenty of apps that pop up a reminder that makes me click on it to go away, or apps that play a song, or cause my computer to shutdown, but nothing to pop up a simple "Bus is coming!" that goes away on its own and doesn't interfere with whatever I'm working on. Freeware preferred, but I'll pay a small amount if it's the perfect app.
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How much interference are you looking for? Because if it's none, how will you see the alarm? Also, will you be leaving once the alarm comes up? And if not, what will you be doing?

It seems to me that your big hangup is looking for a reminder app. Try thinking about it in a slightly different way.

I'd get an application that will launch programs on a schedule. There are a lot, so take your pick. Set it up so that it launches a text file that tells you to leave. Create a kill script that will close that file. Something like a minute later or so.

I don't know what the Outlook notifier looks like or how it interferes with other programs that you have open. But beyond opening on top of other stuff, this text file shouldn't do anything.
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TheIchiBun's method won't get you the outlook style of focus-less-notification. I wonder if it wouldn't be easiest to just make a little script to email you a "bus is coming" message, so you could just leach off outlook's functionality.
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Why not set an alarm on your cell phone?
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Best answer: This might be too cute, but it might get the job done.
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I use Google's Reminder function in the Google calendar. I have it paired with my cell phone so that at a predetermined interval prior to my calendar event, I get a text message on my phone.

Works an absolute treat: It makes sure I hit my cat with fleakiller, makes sure I remember to do basic household chores, reminds me to call my [girl | family | friends] reminds me to pack before vacations...

I'll be doomed when the internet melts down or when the GOOG comes to claim their percentage of my soul.
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Response by poster: kirstk: That's almost exactly what I'm looking for (though a bit cheesier than necessary!). Thanks!
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