Free Wii Downloads?
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Has anyone tried Feed My Wii? Seems to good to be true.

Seems to good to be true. If Nintendo sends out a software update will it brick my wii or remove feed my wii? Has anyone tried it? I can't seem to find concrete reviews online.
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Despite what the says this is NOT legal.
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Oh dude, you're so going to get flagged for using an affiliate link in a post. Even if it's not yours.

It's obvious for fakesies: Something Awful muses about it.
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Oops, should be despite what the site says...
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Response by poster: ADMIN: Feel free to Remove the link - oversight on my part
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Yes, you're probably paying $50 for a link to download FrostWire or some free application like that. There are tons of sites that do this. They're all scams.
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Mod note: Fixed the url.
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From the bottom of the page:

" does not provide a direct database for downloading. provides members with the necessary software, tutorials & unlimited technical support for their downloading needs..."

Translates to:
Fifty bucks for a copy of Limewire and an FAQ.
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Reeks of scam and an expensive link to a BitTorrent client. Plus, even legitimate video encodings for the Wii have to use the crap Motion JPEG codec for playability. Not worth your time.
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Yep, totally voting for scam here. Simple rule is that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Even if this had been legit, who has a Wii that has enough spare room left on it to download movies, games etc? I got like 2 blocks left.
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This is a scam do not do it....I thoroughly looked into it and it is not real.
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