Where to get a stethoscope in Montreal?
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So I need a stethoscope for a costume but I don't want a cheap plastic kid toy, I'd like to get the real thing.

Where can I buy a used stethoscope and how much should I expect to pay?
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Any college that has premed or nursing programs probably carries stethoscopes in its bookstore.
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I need to get it tomorrow.
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Try the American Heart Association in your town. I work at a health department and we have a dozen of them--cheap, real-looking stethoscopes, here. They came with educational kits that the AHA sent out. You might call your Health Department too, and ask for the Health Promotion and Education department.
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Stethoscopes are really cheap. Seconding the university bookstore.
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I went to a little medical supply store in a hospital here (Winnipeg) when I was looking for one. I paid about $20 for a decent little stethoscope. It's nice and heavy and feels very authentic. Just look in the phone book for Medical Supply, there's probably a dozen places in Montreal that would carry them.
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Also check uniform supply stores.
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The university bookstores are known for being far more expensive than you'd see elsewhere. I'm seconding the scrubs/uniform supply store. Also, do a search in your area for "health supplies". You usually see those shops around hospitals.

Cheap is anywhere from 25-45 bucks. A good one is 60-80. A ridiculous one is over 100.
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I had the same requirement at one point, and actually rented one from a place that rented out costumes. Didn't need the white coat, etc, already had that. Just needed the stethoscope. Paid about $15.00 for a week.

Based on the prices above though, probably better to buy.
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Yeah, I'd check a costume rental place and ask if they have one and would let you rent it separate from their doctor/nurse/whatever costume. There's Malabar on Parc, for starters.

Alternatively, for a new one, have you checked Jean Coutu / Pharmaprix? I could swear that I've seen stethoscopes in there amidst other medical supplies.
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Damn, I have one sitting in storage in Montreal... you should have asked for it the day after Halloween!
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