what's a schedule a?
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What the heck is a "Schedule A" in real estate?

This question is referring specifically to real estate in Canada, I don't know if it's different in the US or elsewhere. What does it mean when a property ad says "Schedule A required"?

Canada jokes involving the phrase "schedule, eh?" prohibited.
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In the US, a schedule A is the legal description of the property - for an example, check out NYC's acris system (you can google for it) and look at any deed or mortgage - they should all have schedule a's attached.
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In Canada, a "Schedule A" is a form you submit with your offer that indicates that you understand that the property is being sold "as is where is" and therefore may not be in the condition you first viewed it. You are waiving your right to litigation upon finding any kind of defect at all.
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Forgot to add, a "Schedule A" is required when the property is under foreclosure.
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In my NYC real estate office, the schedule As that we deal with are spreadsheets that list each unit of the building and information about that unit, such as square footage, number of bathrooms, selling price, projected taxes etc.
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