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HR-Filter: Company I work for is looking to do a voluntary EEO Self-Identification Survey on 1,500 existing employees. Looking for ideas on "Best Practices." Read explanation for more.

So, yeah. We haven't been so good about having our employees self-identify in the past. And I probably should be doing this on SHRM's website... But y'all are so great, I thought I'd give it a shot.

We're looking to collect voluntary data from an existing workforce in the easiest, most painless fashion. Yet, we want to stay within "Best Practices", considering the situation.

We have 1,500 employees scattered throughout the United States and are hoping to get this completed within the next month, as I believe the EEO-1 report is due the end of September.

Has anyone had to perform a mass survey or resurvey of existing employees? We're looking at maybe sending out a mass email with "read receipts." Can a read receipt without a returned survey be legally construed as someone who declined to answer the self-identification survey? Any ideas would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Thanks much!
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Read-receipts, in the past, as an HR Specialist, have proven to be very valuable when proving that an employee was informed of their right to decline medical coverage.

However, when it comes to EEO, confidentiality is a must (records must be stored away from identifiers, etc) - so, best of luck if that comes up. I would say you're safe with an email to alert them of a survey, then an anonymous, single-log in survey site that will compile the date and spit it back out to you (SurveyMonkey, despite the lame name, is actually really great). Good luck, I hate September 1st.
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Do they all work from home or something, why can't the local office manager handle it? That's what I did when I was head of HR for an 1100 person company that had never filed an EEO1 report. We had the office manager get everyone to complete the form and send it in, then gave awards to the branches that got them all back fastest.
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