Spira shoes: fact or crap?
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Spira running shoes: horseshit?

I'm looking for personal experiences running with them, particularly running marathon distance, but I'll take any solid data on them. Are they snake oil, or good shoes for running?
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I can give you this to help you assess the probability that they are or are not snake oil: I asked a friend who designs for Nike, "how many of those contraptions added to the shoes actually do anything?" The answer: "about half."
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Their site says that "87% - 96% of the energy is returned from the WaveSpring™." That sounds like crap to me. It'd be like a pair of moon shoes. If it's true, though, I want them.
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If I run on a pair of stiff enough springs I bet I can get more than 97% of the impact energy returned... but it also means that some of the impact that should propel me forward is being absorbed into the shoe and then returned in that way - under my foot - whcih is going to make distance running more difficult.

In general what makes a nice walking shoe makes a crappy running shoe.

No magic formulas here.
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