How do I display my pictures?
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Logistics problem: I am in an outdoor art show this weekend. The alloted space I have is 12 ft x 25 ft. My canopy is 10x10, with two non-weight bearing sides. Here's my problem- what's the best way for me to display 15in x 20in framed pictures? I do not have an easel. I have 13 of these damn pictures to display, and I am running out of ideas as to how to display at least some of them. Ideas?
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Can you hang them from the canopy crossmembers? (assuming your canopy has crossmembers, of course)
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Thorzdad, I'm worried about their weight. They are pretty substantial, each framed with a heavy wooden frame/thick glass.
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Can you beg or borrow heavy tripods like light stands? I have made a make-shift hanging rod by lashing a crossbar from two heavy photographic light stands in the past. Or lash bracing to your canopy to hang from.

Alternatively folding tables with something like tabletop easels could work. If you're handy you can build tabletop stands pretty simply. good luck!
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I have usually seen pictures at outdoor shows hung from wire panels like these.
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If you can't hang them all, lean the rest in a stack. This could have the advantage of helping you engage customers. If someone shows interest, say, "let me show you these."
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Get a sturdier canopy like a QuickShade or EZ-Up, sold at the larger sporting goods stores.
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You could try wiring some wire fencing, chain-link fencing, or storm fencing between the canopy struts, or between some aluminum poles. This stuff is pretty strong (even the plastic storm fencing takes a lot of stress). There are also some pretty strong-looking gate assemblies, if you have the cash.
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You can buy pegboard (this stuff) and the appropriate hooks from any hardware store. Frame with 2x4s and lean these up against the supports of your canopy and you're good to go. If you want to get fancy you can paint them or hinge supports on the back (like on a stand-up picture frame) on them and look totally pro.
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