internet on honduras islands
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internet on Honduras islands for diving trip

A friend of mine and I want to learn to dive on one of the Honduras islands, Utila or Roatan. We've heard great things about it and are psyched to go. However, we both need access to decent high-speed internet while there. Do you have any first hand experience with internet on either Island? What recommendations might you have about it and where might we go to get more information?
In addition any recommendations about lodging and which island to stay at would also be appreciated.
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How much internet access do you need? I was there about 3 years ago (Utila, that's the cheap one, right?) and I was able to use netbars like any other normal tourist location, although more expensive than normal and not very fast. If you're looking for in room wi-fi at a hostel, you'll have to go pretty upscale. I remember being there, most of the hostels didn't even have TV. Mostly people just dive all morning, eat, nap, eat, drink, sleep, repeat. Roatan is supposedly more upscale and will (I imagine) have nicer hotels with better internet access. Roatan also has better beaches, I heard.

My Utila trip was great, by the way. I did 5 dives and saw two whale sharks, one was close enough to touch (I didn't). That was in February though, so don't know if they're in season now. Have fun, it's a good trip.
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I have a friend who lives on Utila, and he's limited to dialup or satellite service ... he chose to do without and just use the internet cafes, and instead to slow down and enjoy his retirement.

If you need high-speed access, Roatan would be your best bet. Unfortunately, it's far more expensive and touristy.
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I was there last summer learning to dive, you guys are in for a treat!! The internet there was fine, there are cafes on both islands where you can use a decent speed and it is quite reasonable, but if you aren't at the west end on roatan, you'll either be in a resort where I am sure you'll have some access- or SOL.

Utila I liked more, the diving was great at both places (and Roatan has some great sites- lonely planet has a dive guide book you should look at for both) but Utila was cheaper, had more charm, better food, and it was in general a very unique place (like the bar in the bush where you kinda have to hike into the jungle to get to). Send me a PM if you'd like to ask me any questions. I was there last july, so off season, I hear both get crowded during the on season.
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