Find a book about a teen who reverses entropy
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Need help finding a book I read as a teenager. It involved teens with weird powers including the power to reverse entropy.

In the novel, there were a group of teens that gained strange powers (I think because of a supernova or something). Of these powers, two stuck out to me as being really cool. One kid gave off an aura that made things grow. Everything, including bacteria and mold would grow, so he couldn't stay for very long in places because he would quickly degrade and muck up any room. I remember that another kid got shot in the leg, and since they were hiding from the government or something, he was forced to cut off the kids leg and let his powers make it grow back.

The other kid I remember was the focus of the book, because he had much greater powers. He could bring people back from the dead. And he reversed entropy. For example, grains of sand would form patterns, and locks would lose their randomness and eventually unlock. He could also destroy or heal (mentally) someone with a word.

There's also one last person I remember, who was some sort of really rich entrepreneur who wanted to do good, so he got the two kids together to bring back everyone who had been killed at a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

I recall reading only one book, but it seemed like it was part of a series. I'd really appreciate any hints as to what this series is called, because my google-fu can't turn anything up.
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Shattered Sky by Neal Shusterman ?
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..... the third book in a trilogy
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