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Are you currently in Ubud? I want to visit there next week for a fortnight. My travel agent is having a hard time finding somewhere nice (such as Bali Spirit) to stay in. How hard would it be to find a nice hotel or bungalow (US$50-$80) if I arrive without a booking? Do you know of any nice places to stay that have vacancies from July 22 - Aug 5 that I can book with direct? Thankseversomuch.
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Response by poster: Thanks kirstk! I've booked a 'last-resort' booking through there now, at the risk of losing one night's accom fee. But it is not quite the place I want to stay. Any more Ubud ideas?
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I don't remember there being much in Ubud besides the Monkey Forest, stay somewhere more fun (ideally closer to all the restaurants in Kuta & Legian) and take a day trip to Ubud instead - it's what I did.

The Monkey Forest is pretty great, the town is small and you'll run out of things to do pretty quickly - I can't imagine staying there for two weeks, maybe two days.

You haven't said what else you want to do, or if you've been to Bali before, but if you're spending any time in Kuta and like letting out your inner child (or even better - if you're travelling with children) you MUST go to Waterbom. It's the best water park I've ever been to.
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Response by poster: Hiya Monkey. I'm in-between jobs and going to Ubud to chill and relax and spa-out for two weeks on my own. Don't need beaches just warm forest and rivers. I want to spend quite a bit of my time in my own company in a quiet spot but not too far from some of village action so I can eat yummy food and get some lavish body treatments. Outdoor garden bathroom, no street noise, no dingy disappointing rooms. Did I mention I was picky?
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When I was there two years ago, it seemed like it would be pretty easy to get a place without reserving, but to get a good one in the price range you are looking for be prepared to negotiate. I stayed in two places in Ubud that both would basically fit your requirements (except they don't have outdoor bathrooms as I remember). The first was called Ketut's Place and is about a ten minute walk north of the palace. It's a family run hotel, but with very high standards. If you have a little extra spend see if you can get one of the rooms that overlook the gorge in the back, those looked to be nicest.

The other was a place called Tegal Sari, which is on the south side of Ubud. It's more like a western hotel; located in the middle of some rice paddies. It had really good amenities and a really nice pool.

Either place would be excellent. Ubud is a great place to have as your base for exploring the island. HTH.
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Not sure if it is available for the time you want it, but highly recommend the Honeymoon Guesthouse (previously called the Honeymoon Bakery Guesthouse). It is in a great spot as it feels quiet and secluded, yet is very close to the Main Road and Monkey Forest Road. They've redesigned their website since I last looked at it, and so it doesn't do such a good job of selling itself, but I think it would meet your requirements in terms of a reasonably priced, lovely Bali place to chill out for a few weeks (do a Google search to get other reviews and pics - my quick search turns up a few reviews, pictures and a youtube video about it). It is traditional style Balinese architecture, pretty gardens, pool, nice breakfasts served on your balcony/veranda.

You can book direct on their website.

The restaurants they run are great too, they also run a cooking school.

I haven't stayed since they have built a second property across the laneway from the original - but the other side of the lane has more rice paddies, so I imagine it is very pretty too.
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Just a note - when I turned up another time without a booking, I wandered along the laneway that the Honeymoon Guesthouse is in (as I think it is a good location) and was able to get something else easily that matched my requirements.
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Top of your budget range but Hotel Tjampuhan is easily the best place to stay in ubud.
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Please excuse the plug here...
We own a villa 10 minutes walking from Ubud, It will be available in your time frame.
Contact me for details if interested. Now back to your regularly scheduled metafilter
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I just spent my honeymoon in Ubud, and it was the third time in 5 years I've been there. There's definitely a lot to do there (and fantastic restaurants, try the pork restaurant from No Reservations, easily one of the best moments of meat gorging in my life), and as for places to stay, there's a ton along Monkeyforest Road, especially (headed from the market towards the forest) after the soccer field.

Have a great time, I'm jealous.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks! I have now booked a room for one week and am encouraged by your responses that I'll be able to find something on the ground for the other week once I get there. I'll send y'all a postcard.
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Response by poster: Yep! It was easy to find a place once I got here. And as it turned out the place I liked best is far under my budget so I have more dollars to spend on massages and yummy food.

So, for the those of you who may come later to this question, it is possible to find great places to stay at almost any budget in Ubud, even in July/Aug high season, by walking around, finding a place that looks nice, and asking.
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