Suggestions needed for hilarious Powerpoint Karaoke skit
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I'm compiling some powerpoint slides to be used for a Powerpoint Karaoke at an upcoming BarCamp. Any ideas on what Powerpoint subjects that would generally make a hilarious skit?
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OK - you got me at "PowerPoint Karaoke". Can you explain a bit more what you mean? I can think of several possible concepts that match this phrase, many of which sound like they could be a riot (in the fun sense)!
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Response by poster: Powerpoint Karaoke is where participants get on stage to present on a topic based on a Powerpoint slideshow - that they see for the first time on stage!!! Hilarity ensues when they are presented with the materials and try to make sense of it.

I think these two videos describe best how it works.

Just wanted to see if there are any suggestions in case any members here have been thru such events, or have any brilliant ideas that we could play with :-)
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I did this once (though it was called "Battledecks", not "Powerpoint Karaoke"), and as a participant, I have a couple of suggestions.

Keep the slides simple. If there's too much going on, you're going to intimidate your presenters and distract the audience. Don't go too far overboard with the slides themselves -- the goal is for the presenters to make the jokes, not the slides.

As far as topics, pick things that are broad and evocative immediately, so there's a hook for people to respond to. In the tech world, the iPhone is distinctive and people have strong opinions about it. In politics, if you're American, the Presidential candidates are polarizing and easy to riff on while improvising. In pop culture, I'd avoid the really obvious Britney Spears/Paris Hilton stuff -- it's kind of boring and people will just recycle late-night comedy routines, but you could put well-known figures in contexts that are unusual or unexpected and create some good fodder that way.

Also, play with the medium itself. Obviously, PowerPoint is mostly used for the stereotypical soulless business presentations -- take regular tropes like pie charts and sales figures and recontextualize (or recaption) them for use by your presenters.

Finally, stick to the basics of comedy. Repetition, the rule of threes, surprise, juxtaposition, rhythm -- if you can create a framework of these for your presenters, everyone will have a great time.
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