Underage show attendance in NYC
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Is there any chance of a 19 year old male getting in to a club in NYC next Friday?

I'd really like to see the Kode9 show next Friday, when I'll be in town for HOPE. I've already purchased tickets, and though there was no warning on the website, it looks like it's 21+.

I don't drink, and coming from seeing shows in DC/Europe it's kind of infuriating that the mere presence of alcohol makes it impossible for me to see this show.

I've encountered two legal situations in the US where this is a problem. The first are areas that rule any establishment deriving Y% of their income from alcohol as a bar, and banning anyone underage from entering a "bar". The second is where liquor licenses are so difficult to keep establishments aren't content with the common solution of marking underage individuals hands (as is the case at almost every venue in DC).

Which category does NYC fall under, and if the latter, is there any conceivable way I could convince these people to let me in? Will they check every ID? Is it worth risking my $10, not refunding the tickets, and just trying to walk in (I'm rarely carded except where it's compulsory).

I work for a college radio station and requesting press credentials has worked in the past, but it's in Kentucky and I doubt a request would carry much weight that far away.
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NYC falls under the first category, and MacDougal at 8th street is NYU territory. My guess is, they will definitely check every ID. That being said, when I was at NYU, a male friend once talked me into some club once by saying I was his date. If you are female, the chances are talking your way into the bar are much, much higher than if you are male (and perhaps you have to be my friend, I don't know, perhaps he was the key in that situation). Sucks but that's the truth.
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you could call the club manager and explain that there was no warning on the website, and you'll buy at least 2 (non-alcoholic drinks) as if there were a drink minimum.

you might be out of luck, though. some friends and i drove from Toronto to New York for a concert. none of us thought to check if it was 21+ (our legal age is 19, and we were all 20 at the time) and realized it as we got to our hotel. we called the club to ask, and explained that we had driven almost 9 hours to see this artist, but the manager explained that he'd be in trouble if he let us in, whether or not we drank. thankfully we had a great time in New York, because we couldn't get in to the concert we went for... wamp wamp.
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People in NYC are pretty rigorous these days when it comes to checking ID. Even in Brooklyn, more and more. Even if you don't look young.

You should call ahead and ask to speak to a manager. See if they're willing to work something out. Otherwise, perhaps an adult will be willing to go with you and pose as a parent.

(Don't ask me, I'm not quite that old.)
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Response by poster: If TPS is right that it's the venue-as-bar situation, I think it's pretty clear there is no way to talk myself in to this without putting the owner in huge legal jeopardy they have no incentive to take on behalf. I've been googling, but I can't find it anywhere.
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Love checks ID every night, outside, before you even go into the club to give your ticket or pay the cover. The manager and staff are all nice, so if you call ahead you may be able to slip your way in, but just showing up I don't imagine you'd be able to get in at all.
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Yeah that place looks like it is is right next to NYU, which means they definitely card so they don't get in trouble having tons of underage college students in there all the time. The police presence on Macdougal is pretty heavy at night for just that reason. I'd say getting in is unlikely without some form of ID.
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Emailing Kode9 (or, more likely, Ras G or Overcast Radio) and getting yourself on the guest list will give you a lot more leverage with the manager.
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Borrow someone else's driver's license. They don't even have to look like you. In my experience, this almost always works.
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Love cards.
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Oh, and evn if you're guested, you'd have to sneak in with someone early, because they card outside, before you'd get tickets.
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you could call the club manager and explain that there was no warning on the website, and you'll buy at least 2 (non-alcoholic drinks) as if there were a drink minimum.

That won't work, mainly due to the expense and work required to get the new liquor license that will be needed, once the old one is revoked.
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