I'd like a Preview.app replacement that won't disappoint!
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I make a lot of images. Help me find a multiple-image viewing application to meet my needs on Linux...

Up until now, I've been a very happy user of Preview.app on OSX. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to use on Linux, and I intend to accelerate my migration back from Appleland. There are a couple things about it that are getting to be a bit tough to beat; I can generate a hundred plots with some other code, open them all up and get a scroll bar next to a pane with the image set at full-size, and it will update within an application instance automatically if the file is modified on-disk. I've tried opening up the plots inside a bunch of firefox tabs and reloading all, but that is a heavyweight solution to a simple problem. "Display" doesn't really behave the way I expected it to, and the various digital camera apps (digiKam for instance) are all aimed at solving a different problem than mere image gallery viewing.

So what's the best app out there that will update on the fly, has a nice simple interface, and allows for full-size viewing within the main application pane? Is there such a thing? Thanks, MeFi!
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Best answer: GQView should suit you (just tested the instant update on file change to make sure, and it works). When you've turned off the file tree view you don't get a scroll bar next to your full size image, but the scroll wheel works to flip through them.
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