Walk-in tub recommendations
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What is the best option for walk-in tub for elderly neighbor?

I have an elderly neighbor who has decided it is in her best interest to invest in a walk-in tub. I told her I'd look into it for her. So far she has seen the Ed McMahon commercials for Premier Walk-In and has called them but they're VERY expensive and in my opinion anyone that advertises by infomercial is always WAAAY overpriced and lacking in quality.

I can't seem to find any reviews online that don't like they were written by the manufacturer.

Does anybody have any experience with these things and/or recommendations?
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I would recommend calling the Area Agency on Aging as they often are able to assist with things of the sort. I once called for an elderly neighbor and they connected us to people who gave her a toilet seat riser and a shower hose so she could reach. I know your request is different but they often have resources and helpful suggestions when it comes to elderly care and disabled care.
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Good for you for doing research. Personally, I would avoid Premier.
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My dad spent a fortune on Premier Walk-In. We saw approximately the same thing at plumber supply warehouse for about half the cost (no installation or labor of course.)

His tub is very narrow (like taking a bath in a phone booth) , but with a high-enough seat, and air jets that make it whirlpool-like. It does not circulate the water or keep the water heated, just blows air to make it bubbly. Also it takes a LOT of water to fill.

He's obese, urinary incontinent, and has mobility problems, so he feels he made the right choice. I think his money would have been better spent with a custom designed walk in shower spa.
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My parents have had the Premier for several years and just rave about it. They didn't have any problems with the installation or the tub itself. I can't remember the exact costs but I know I was horrified when I heard how much they spent.
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Why a tub? most bathrooms can easily be converted to a walk in shower for the same price as a walk in tub. We did this for my mom. There are certain advantages. 1. A shower can be made without any obstacles that would prohibit wheelchair access. 2. A shower would be easier for a home health aid to assist someone who needs help bathing. 3. A shower will save water, and heating costs.
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