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Where can I find a cheap bbq in nyc?

I'm looking to throw a bbq for a few friends tonight and I'd like to purchase a cheap, but usable charcoal bbq. I do recall buying a bbq or two for maybe 15-20 dollars that you put together and is usually good for a summer or two and is large enough for about 5-10 people. Is anyone familiar with what I'm talking about? I'm in upper Manhattan in the 180's, so heading over to Target is an option, or should I just hunt around the supermarkets here?

Any general advice or specific store advice is appreciated.


Happy 4th.
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Looks like the Bronx Target has this.
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Response by poster: Thanks - thats definitely the right direction, but I dont need anything nearly as fancy as that, like no need for a cover, just a bit larger grill. I looked through their site but couldn't find specifically what I'm talking about. But perhaps it's just something they don't even bother putting on their website?
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sounds like you may be talking about a hibachi - there was just a question about their apparent scarcity. you'll find a few suggestions there...
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Check out some local hardware stores or supermarkets. Honestly, I don't think you'll find anything cheaper than $30.

I have one of those grills that suedehead posted, and cooking for 10 people on it is pushing it.
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Best answer: Super-discount stores like Dee & Dee (14th St between 5th & 6th Aves, Manhattan) and Save On Fifth (5th Av and 8th St in Brooklyn) often have junker bbqs that are just a big round metal tray with a grill on top, and some wobbly folding legs. They're cheap enough that I often see them discarded in the park-- along with the original cardboard box-- after a nice weekend. And quite big - maybe 2 ft diameter.
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If you're willing to head out to Brooklyn, I got a decent grill at Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg last year for about $20-$30 -- it was the same size and shape as a briefcase, and came with a barbecue fork. Granted, I haven't used it yet, but it looked to be well constructed enough to hold up for at least a couple years.

I think I saw either Crate and Barrel or Pottern Barn also makes compact portable grills in the $30-$40 range, complete with uber-fancy carrying case (not that you'd need that).
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Response by poster: yes moonmilk, thats exackly what I'm talking about. I'm talking about large enough bbq you'll use for a few getogethers during the summer, but not something you'll want to keep from year to year. I guess I'm off to wander around the supermarkets/discount stores if you've seen em in stores in the city.
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Is there a CVS nearby? I was just in one (in TX but i'm sure they have mostly the same products) and they had inexpensive grills.
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