Bookmending tape.
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Bookmending tape. I'm looking for brands/recommendations for 1/2" - 1" wide bookmending tape, to fix broken hinges, and/or cracked spines from the inside, and with adhesive that will not damage the paper. Nothing super-fancy, and bonus points for something I could maybe find in local stores! Thanks!
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Gudy-O? or something like it.
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Response by poster: Single-sided, more like duct tape for books - should have made this clear - but thanks, amberglow!
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ahh--that place probably has what you want tho--they're famous as the place to go for book stuff.
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Book tape? It's what libraries use. I have no idea of a non-mail order source.
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You can find varieties of this stuff at many arts and crafts stores. I know Pearl Arts has some here in Boston.

Mailorder may be your best bet if you want some. I use at work all the time. They have the basic Scotch stuff here. I use it all the time to mending serials and journals for my library's bound collection. It's a decent all purpose tape. Usually, you'd use one kind of tape for fixing bindings and another for fixing pages. If you just want to fix torn paper, we use Filmoplast P on our monographs.

Now if you want to get fancy, you can get all tricked out with Japanese paper and various preservation techniques, but I only do binding and book triage and am no archivist.
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Used to be a professional bookbinder, but don't know anything about booktape. When a book falls apart, saving the cover isn't enough.
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Book tape fun!

I dig the linen tape. It looks nicer. But any of those would do. Just make sure you get something acid-free and it has something resembling "archival" on the label.

Disclaimer: I'm not a bookbinder, but I'm a book fiend. And a photographer who's obsessive about acid-free products. YMMV.
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