Artist seeks Santa 2.0
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Artist/illustrator seeks photo reference for Santa 2.0. Perhaps you source? No raunchies need apply...

I have on a few occasions in the past years run across friends of mine or strangers on the street in some moment of beatific corpulence bordering on the hirsute and it has struck me that they represented either some facet of a theoretical Santa's existence (Santa as a young man, Santa on his wedding day, Santa as a disgruntled 30-something, Distinguished Black Santa, etc) but I was never able to capture them photographically and of course by now they have all shaved and moved on.

Conceptually perhaps you can see where I am steering. I very much love the powdered white Santa and regard that image as, of course, iconic but for my own card wanted to show a man having had an inner journey to become that iconic symbol.

Hopefully one of you digital photo obsessives will have captured one of your friends in a frame that fits?
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You could trying searching for beard on sites like Stock Xchng?
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Response by poster: Indeed, I have done this, and on Flickr as well looking for not just beard but a number of other related tags (e.g., "Santa") and its rather slim pickings. This is probably about as good as I've found there but still -- that's clearly Santa just hiding out. I'll not yet give up hope...
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