I need my comic fix: TTS.
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I have the daily comics; the Monday, Wednesday, Friday comics; but I'm short on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. (the only one I have is Menage a 3) What are some good TuThSat comics?
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Well, The Order of the Stick updates... unpredictably... 2-3 times a week. It could be a Tuesday or Thursday.

There's also Cat and Girl or randomly posted weeklies like Maakies.
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Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire is the best Tu-Th-Sa comic I know of. Jonny Crossbones, when it was running, updated on Tuesdays & Thursdays; it's hopefully starting up again soon, but the update schedule might not be the same.

Beyond that, I also know of a few comics that update on one of those three days: Multiplex updates on Mondays & Thursdays (although that's somewhat flexible); Nothing Better updates on Tuesdays & Fridays (it's on hiatus for the summer, with guest strips to fill in), and The Non-Adventures of Wonderella updates weekly on Saturdays.
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Darth and Droids is Su-Tu-Th... you need to be/have been a bit of role player to get I think though
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Wondermark updates on Tuesdays and Fridays. It sort of reminds me of a three-panel Married To The Sea.
By which I mean completely wicked-awesome.
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Another random weekly comic I forgot is Buttercup Festival. Also, if you like Buck Godot, I hope you are not neglecting your M-W-F fix of Girl Genius - same authors.
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This would be easier if you mentioned what sort of comics you like, but for my money, 8-bit Theatre is the best Tues-Thurs-Sat comic on the web. And more importantly, one of the best comics on the web, period. Of course, it has over 1000 strips in its archives, and is getting perilously close to the end of the plot of the video game it is loosely based on (and is probably not as good without knowledge of the plot of that video game, which is the very first Final Fantasy game).

Also, it's pretty much the only TTS comic I know of besides Menage a 3. I know of a number of Monday Thursday and a couple of Tuesday Friday strips, but most of the TTS strips I used to read back in the day have gone the way of the dodo.
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Well...I like: Comics that have a plot line, and ones that are academic/nerdy/RPG-like/fantasy/sci-fi (not necessarily all of these at once).

Kind of scattershot, but if there are comics related to any of these, that would be great.
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Wapsi Square is fantasy with a plot-line and it's got a pretty big following. Strip format, pretty good sense of humour and really original plot.

Girls With Slingshots is more slapshots. It's got plot arcs, but mostly it relies on punchline, and does it ever do the punchline well. Very... genuine, I guess.
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STRIPTEASE! updates every Tuesday and Thursday.
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