Running Queries in MS Access for non-Access Users?
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Access 2003: I have this database that is truly awesome along with some equally awesome queries. Co-workers have recognized this awesomeness and want to start running their own queries but know nothing of Access. Is there a user-friendly option?

I have this great database that I've been tasked with making available to my co-workers for them to run their own queries against. The problem is that these queries require multiple criteria inputs and lets be honest, the design view in Access is a blackhole of user-friendliness (especially for non-Access users).

I would love to somehow create an easy to use interface where my co-workers could simply type in criteria, select some radial buttons, maybe some drop downs, and then get a cross tab of the results (think contacts by state broken down by # with email addresses, phone #'s, etc.). Is this a Query By Form (QBF) solution? What I found on Microsoft's page regarding QBF's requires SQL knowledge and coding skills of which I have none.

Really I just want to create a cleaned up and customized version of the design view. Is this possible?
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I have no experience with this -- But if you were to learn VB for Applications (VBA) inside of Access, you should be able to do everything you want to do.

I built a simple Access database that allows staff to search a query for name (first or last), phone number, etc.
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Thanks for the suggestion SirStan.
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Here's a short video (WMV) on how to create a form that creates parameters in a query. The one thing I'd do differently for your end users is to put a button on the form that then runs the query.
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Get a copy of the Access Developer's Handbook (Litwin/Getz) it is THE reference book for learning this stuff. Don't be put off by the size, it's a surprisingly quick read and you can just skim any chapters you don't really need.
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