Stealing souls at an Austin-area coffee haunt. Location ideas?
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I am a photographer in the Austin, TX area looking to do a shoot at a local coffeehouse.

My hope is to find one which has an uncovered outdoor patio, with individual tables and chairs. Not so much interested in the picnic table variety of seating. Also, tables with a parasol or table umbrella over it would be swell. Any ideas?
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Cafe Mundi.

Go to Spider House if you want a cluttered, junky look (I mean that in a good way). Go to Mundi if you want something more "organic" looking with a lot of greenery.
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Thirding Spider House (just came home from there, in fact). Unfortunately it might be exactly what you're not looking for, because they're big on picnic tables and seating that looks like it was yanked from the trash heap. But it's classy and always lively.

In terms of higher aesthetic quality, there are plenty of joints on South Congress that might have what you seek, like Jo's (not to be confused with Trader Joe's, which is across the street and entirely indoors).
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Bouldin Creek Caffeine Emporium on South 1st just north of the moon tower on corner of South 1st and Monroe.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone! They're all going down on my list of places to scout. I've only been to Spiderhouse and my main reservation with it is I'm clumsy and they can't level a patio to save their lives. Pentax makes a fairly rugged DSLR, but definitely not unbreakable.

I should have elaborated on what kind of shots and the look I want. My intent is for the setting to have the aesthetic of a classy, outdoor European coffeehouse. Thus, the table umbrella and individual tables/chairs. Although, if the natural character of the joint can substitute all the better. The idea is still immature.

Here's another catch: it's a shoot with a fetish tinge. There will not be nudity at all; the model will be fully clothed, however there will be minimal rope bondage. Wrist ties, a knotted rope collar for one shot and maybe a chest harness tied to a chair if it doesn't look too goofy clothed. So, a laidback establishment with an open-minded staff is also important, though depending on the time of day we shoot this may be less of a factor.

All thoughts are duly appreciated.
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Maybe Progress Coffee, or possibly Halcyon?
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Hot Mama's on East 5th. Jo's on 2nd. I can't think of anyplace in town that has those CINZANO table umbrellas you've probably got in mind.
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360 Uno has little tables with umbrellas (pic here). Not sure if Davenport Village is bondage-shoot-friendly, though.
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Genuine Joe's has all this, but it faces Anderson Lane, so I don't know about the whole fetish thing. My guess is the staff would be cool with it.
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