Whatever happened to Lamya?
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Whatever happened to Lamya?

She released an album in 2002 complete with publicity tours etc., but since then seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. No news stories since early 2003, her official site is now a squatter's linkfarm, and her old record label [warning, annoying music autoplays] doesn't list her as one of their artists. I'm sad, because I've been looking forward to new music from her for a while now.

Anyone have any recent information or know anything about why she just vanished?
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She has a myspace page which was logged into in April. I've not looked terribly closely, maybe it will yield some information.
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Great song! Catchy, with a subtle nod to Ravel's Bolero, of all things, and with a sentiment deeper than usual for the genre. Plus, she can really rock those boots. Yow. No idea where she might be, but I'll be on the lookout now, too.
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No info about her specifically, but I once had a blog tracking downtempo/lounge artists and I found that large downtimes and non-existent second albums were common. It's not covered by the traditional music press and tends towards smaller labels which come and go, so news is often very scarce (part of why I gave up).

Anji Bee is one of the few people who keep up with the mishmash of genres Lamya belongs to, might be worth it to write her an email.
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A year ago, she said that she had taken a “looong” break from the industry and was working on new songs. Her cousin manages her Myspace page. He was logged on today.
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wow, i totally missed this response. thanks colt45!
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