Sounds like Sevareid?
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The name of an author whose name sounds like (but is not) Eric Sevareid?

Also, said author was interviewed (I believe) by Eric Sevareid once on the lawn of the White House
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No idea, but the Wikipedia article mentions two characters, "Erect Severehead" and "Eric Clarified" used in Philip Roth's novel "Our Gang" and Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In respectively.

Could either of those be what you're thinking of?
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this is quite far off but one journo presently giving a lot of interviews in a white-housish context is David Sanger.

give us the topic of the conversation or the station, perhaps that triggers something.
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Also, said author was interviewed (I believe) by Eric Sevareid once on the lawn of the White House

Was the author a political author? Male? American? What part of "(I believe)" is the part you're not sure about...the fact that the author was interviewed or the fact that he was interviewed by ES or the fact that an interview took place on the white house lawn?
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Nope. My buddy said he (the author) had lived here in Key West, and my buddy was unable to remember his name. All he remembered was the above.
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Carl Hiaasen? He lives in Key West.
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That 'Key West' thing might be the best clue yet. Especially since we can be reasonably confident it's not Ernest Hemingway.
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Shel Silverstein is an author who lived in Key West, whose last name might conceivably sound to someone like Sevareid.

Another possibility:
Sevareid famously interviewed social critic and thinker Eric Hoffer, which made Hoffer famous: wasn’t until his CBS-TV interview with Eric Sevareid in 1967 that he became a pop icon. Airing in September, the broadcast drew such high ratings it was rerun in November to an even bigger audience. source.

That interview happened in San Francisco, but... In the Sevareid interview, Hoffer praised Lyndon Johnson, then beleaguered with the war in Vietnam. Johnson quoted Hoffer in a speech. Within two weeks of the CBS interview, Hoffer and Johnson were photographed chatting on the White House lawn. source

I haven't found any Key West connection for Hoffer, though.
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Genre? Era? Context?
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I am checking further/waiting on reply from the friend.

Shel Silverstein may be the ticket, yet Eric Hoffer also sounds plausible.
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