Why are the UC Berkeley treesitters protesters "declining to yield their urine?"
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"protesters declined to yield their urine" WHY?

I don't get it. Can any one fill me in on why they're holding on to it? If they were going for standing strong and not taking help from UC while protesting UC policies, they failed. They're taking water and supplies. So what's the logic here?
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Because they want to be able to throw it, probably. It's a potential weapon.
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I should note that they have done this before.
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The protesters have been throwing urine and feces at people sent to try to remove them. They university obviously doesn't want that, so offered an exchange of food and water for their wastes, but they seem to want to hold on to them as weapons.
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Perhaps because they are afraid the police would test the urine for drugs.
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Also, if the university tries to blockade them, they can survive longer by drinking it.
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They're definitely throwing it. A friend of mine just got back from there a week ago, and he saw it in person.
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From the article: Protesters howled, flung excrement and shook tree branches as campus-hired arborists cut supply lines and removed gear.

But by late this week, campus police were conducting delicate negotiations with tree-sitters, offering to provide food and water if protesters would lower their waste on a daily basis in the interest of hygiene.

Campus officials ended up giving up the water without concessions; protesters declined to yield their urine.

nthing "to throw it"
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