Central Asian green chew that gets you high?
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Anybody heard of a Central Asian drug that's green and gets you high when you chew it?

When I was at the border in Turkmenbashy, Turkmenistan, there were these soldiers in this back-room that tried (for hours) to get me to give them a bribe. They were stoned out of their minds on this bright green powder they were chewing and/or snorting. It was all over their gums. They had it in a little plastic bag. They offered me some but I didn't try it.

I thought maybe it was heroin ... but isn't heroin brown?
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Betel nut?
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Yeah, sounds like khat
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Khat is chewed as whole leaves, though, not snorted as a powder, as metajc describes, no? A spot of googling reveals that there's a synthetic version of khat that's snortable, which has found popularity in South African rave culture, but that seems a stretch. Also, isn't Turkmenistan a bit far north for Khat/Qat, which needs to be eaten fairly fresh?
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Qat powder, we called it. You can get it in powdered form, but it's supposedly way better chewed as a fresh leaf. Probably what you saw was powdered because it's more native to places like Somalia than Turkmenistan, so it's harder to get fresh there.

It's fairly safe, actually. You should have tried it. Mildly addictive after long-term use, but nothing like heroin; its primary drawback is how it stains teeth.

People don't chew heroin!
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Response by poster: Thanks, yall. I think you're right about the Fat Qat. I couldn't remember if they were snorting it or chewing it. They were mostly sneering and making fiendish remarks about my red hair.

The scene pretty much looked like this (but with nicer furnishings):
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Be careful; some places have started cracking down on it as a drug. If I remember correctly, one guy in my area went through an INS inquiry despite claiming some sort of religious/cultural exemption.
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If you are interested in learning more about Qat/Khat culture check out EATING THE FLOWERS OF PARADISE by Kevin Rushby. (I just happen to be about half way through the book.)
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It's not really pronounced to rhyme with "cat," it sounds more like "cot." By the way.
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There was a qat tree in the Botanical Gardens here in South Australia. And then the Somali refugees found out about it.

They love that stuff for sure.
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