You Put Your Weed In There?
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What is this wooden object I found in my closet?

It opens. It has a felt-lined dugout. Here's the back view. I'm about to throw it out and thought I'd give the hivemind a crack at guessing what my box really is.
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You put your weed in there. Looks like just a little box good for hiding little things. You can put it in a corner and will look like a little shelf for kitsch.
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Fancy bookend?
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Bookend with a secret hidey-hole.
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Could it have at one point been a part of a larger piece of furniture like a vanity? The sculpted edges look like it may have been.

I think it's just a box to hide stuff in, maybe jewelry, maybe weed.
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I think it's for jewelry. A sort of case for a single item, perhaps to be given along with that item as a gift.
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The gift shop in my home town used to have boxes very similar to these. They were all constructed such that the opening method was hidden with the grain of the wood, and had just a small place to store things. When I was a kid, I hid my special coins in them.

This box looks very, very similar.
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Don't throw it out! Its a cool little box/bookend thing. If you really don't want it, give it away. But don't throw it out.
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My girlfriend has boxes like that. They're for earrings.

But just between you and me and the entire Internet ... you can put anything you want in there.
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