Do I eat or water this bunch of "organic produce"?
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A friend left a huge bag of produce from the farmers market on my doorstep, but I have no idea what this is. Do you?

It has a band that says it's organic produce, but it looks like some kind of cut plant; they do have organic plants and cut flowers at the market so it could be either. It doesn't have any notable scent other than "plant matter" and my friend doesn't know what it is either, so I'm turning to the hive mind. If you can ID it, tips on preparing or caring for would be great.
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I'm pretty sure that's purslane. I haven't had it since I was kid but IIRC it has kind of a lemony flavor. I think most people add the leaves to salad.
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I think that's that weed that grows in a radial pattern and is quite tasty as salad, not to mention easy and satisfying to pull out of the ground. My salads were always salt, black vinegar, ginger, sugar, and sesame oil, but I'm sure other vinaigrettes would be fine as well. Treat it like a green?
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Purslane! Commonly thought of as a weed, but super nutritious. It can be cooked, but I've always put it in salads or anywhere a vegetable crunch is desired.
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You would like to prepare your beautiful purslane? Check this out.
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You guys are awesome, thank you!

We're in the middle of a heat wave, so some kind of salad it is!

(Also, I know it's not "decipher my deceased relatives writing" epic, but still, four minutes. Not too shabby.)
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Purslane also has more omega 3s than other leafy greens.
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Purslane is literally my favorite thing that I've gotten in my CSA this year. So amazingly good! You are in for some happy salad time.
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Verdolagas, in Spanish, in case you want to look for recipes. They are delicious with pork meat and green tomatillo sauce.
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What, really? I can't go 12 feet in Denver without seeing this stuff.
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Purslane makes a great pesto!
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You are so lucky! This is one of my favorite salads.
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Wow, this stuff is great! Based on your answers I used the cherry tomatoes and cukes I also got with other stuff on hand and made a big salad like the ones mentioned here and in the linked recipes.

Verdolagas, in Spanish, in case you want to look for recipes. They are delicious with pork meat and green tomatillo sauce.

Coincidentally (or seasonally, maybe!) I also happened to get some tomatillos and a few chiles so I saved half of it to make this dish. It sounds great, thanks.
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