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Getting into hair! How can I practice cutting it?

Just entered the hair cutting world and plan on using solely a texture razor.

I love the effect this style gives.

How can I practice cutting/styling (aside from on myself and others)?

Any other advice for someone embarking on this adventure?

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Mannequin heads that are made up of 100% human hair are perfect for beginning hairdressers and professional stylists to practice hair shaping.
Vern's Beauty School in Taiwan teaches two handed techniques that are top drawer in the cutting world.
Consider some hakari shears they are sharp enough to melt through hair,nothing else like them.
The latest thing are heated razors that allow dry cutting.
Have fun!
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Seiichi Honda's Dry Cut Techniques are very adaptable to razor work.
I use a variety of razors but my favorite blade is this one it happens to fit the feather handle, the blade has a silicone guard that is smooth soft very sharp. (on preview: Hikari shears)
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