Catfish Song Mystery
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Walkin' talkin' dancin' catfish, you are a friend of mine Walkin' talkin' dancin' catfish, I'm in luuuuuv with you.... These are two lines of a song that my husband has been singing to my daughter. No amount of Googling has revealed more lyrics or any information about the song. Can you help us identify the entire song? If not, can you recommend any other silly songs you like singing to kids? Thank you! Getting all the lyrics would be an awesome Father's Day accomplishment!
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I can't help with that song, but I always get this Woodie Guthrie album for new mothers.
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Sorry I can't help you with your catfish song.

Barenaked Ladies just came out with a new kids album. One song I heard on the NPR interview was about popping popcorn it was really cute. They all sounded really cute.
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