Buying a Leather Briefcase
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To continue the 'bag' threads...

I realize that there have been threads before about briefcases, but my needs are slightly different and I want to see if I get different responses. I'm looking for a small leather soft-sided briefcase, but I can't find one I like.

I currently have a small, non-expandable, incredibly cheap soft-sided canvas bag that I got for free from a TV station. It's got a big flap that folds over the top and clips in at the bottom. Obviously, this isn't the ideal bag for someone who's in sales -- it looks like it cost me exactly what it cost me, and I don't use it much 'cept to lug things into the office.

What I'd like to find is something the same size - about 13" tall, 16" wide, and 2" deep. I don't need to carry a laptop. I don't need separate compartments, just a pocket to stash cell phone, iPod, business cards, and pens, and a small interior compartment for a few pads of paper and some file folders. Leather is a must -- I'd be more interested in a brown unpolished bag that'd get an antiqued look quickly than I would a black highly polished case that's going to be a pain in the arse to maintain.

I've tried my usual resource for expensive gear, i.e. tumi and that ilk, but they didnt' have anything that interested me.
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What about 8.7x10.6x3.5? Louis Vuitton has a new Citadain that I've seen all the cool kiddos carry around.

They also have one called Compagnon that's 13x15x3 and is basically the same thing. I'm pretty sure they're canvas, but it's Louis Vuitton so I don't think quality is an issue (or style).
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Maybe Coach is too obvious, but the Embassy Brief has a classic, simple look that's kinda nice.
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i *highly* recommend coach (that's where i got my going to court briefcase)--high quality and endless free repairs/replacements for the rare occassion when something isn't up to snuff.

my everyday briefcase and weekender carry-on (both essentially leather satchels) come from levenger (i think it's, which probably has something like what you describe.
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Tumi has great stuff, but they are on the the expensive side.
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Wow, which bag thread to reply to? I myself have benefited from several of these AskMe bag questions, and after a ton of searching I've settled on the rugged twill brief from Filson. See also their very well-made, manly looking rucksack, laptop briefs, and leather field satchel. For days when I commute by bike, I have a Patagonia Critical Mass messenger bag. I've sold the rest of my bags on eBay.

As a guy, I decied that I was never going to carry a man purse around ever again. The Filson briefcase holds everything I need, looks great (much better, really, than in the pictures), is impeccably constructed, very sturdy, and definitely made for manly men, not girly men. I can carry it no matter what I'm wearing -- even when I'm dressed up. And I got it super cheap from Hilton's Tent City in downtown Boston.
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Response by poster: josh, how does the field satchel wear? It looks like it'd need regular polishing, not just bag-balm.

Coach is a great suggestion. I just might end up getting a bag from them.

Crush ... Levenger -- woo! Thank you so much for that link. I've been trying to remember for years who I bought the fold/clip wallet that I used to have from. Now I can order another one...!
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