New Lawyer Looking for Recommendations for Briefcase for Files and Laptop
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Help me pick out a briefcase? More inside.

I'm about to take my first law firm job, and I know nothing about briefcases. What kind should I get? I'll probably want to move files and my laptop back and forth each day. Money is no object (It will no doubt be a graduation gift, or at least subsidized as a graduation gift).
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At $627, I've never been able to try one, but I heard many goodgreat things about the Filson Bridle Leather Field Satchel. The Filson stuff I have tried have been of the quality advertised.

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IAAL, i have two briefcases--a coach and a levenger--neither particular model is still made. i highly recommend both--the coach moreso: very fine leather and incredible customer service. at some point the heaviness of what i had to lug around destroyed the lining of my coach bag and they found a replacement and brought it to me gratis, despite it being a discontinued model. coach also makes all sorts of neat matching gear.

i have two because i like to change my accessories periodically (i'm a girlie lawyer), not to carry papers in one and my laptop in another. if i have to carry both, i use the bag that came with the laptop and take a cab. chances are good that if it's come to taking the laptop home with me, the firm's paying for the cab ride, so it's not a problem to carry both. i have never found a bag that carries my laptop and the necessary papers comfortably.
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I've always liked the Hartmann briefs.
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And if you really want to look rich, you could try a Louis Vuitton.
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If I didn't have to pay for it, I'd want a Ghurka bag.
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There are a lot of great briefcases to be found at If money is really no object, I'd go for the Wrap-Around document case (4th from the bottom).
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i guess this probably wasn't helpful, as we all pretty much just suggested brands, rather than features. i suggest working for a couple weeks first to see what sort of stuff you're carrying around and then figuring out what bag matches that best.

i don't carry a purse when i carry a briefcase, so both my cases have a separate, secure removable bag for lipstick, wallet, cell phone and building pass. one has an umbrella pocket, the other doesn't. i like it to have an outside pocket for the PDA and business card holder and train pass. for the actual accutrements of lawyering, i haven't found any particular features to be of need.
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Response by poster: Well, suggested brands are helpful. But, crush-onastick, your additional tips are particularly appreciated. Thanks.
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