In search of ultra light laptop bag
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I lost the practically weightless (Muji) laptop bag of my dreams and it seems to be out of production. Please help me find it or something equivalent?

This is what I loved about it:
- weight. It weighed practically nothing. I don't know what it was made of but the whole thing weighed less than my phone. I'm bad at estimating but (based on household objects), maybe like a shoebox lid or less. Even though my computer is really light for a computer, it still adds so much weight to my load and I don't want to add any more.
- pockets!

It wasn't really padded and that's fine. My computer is 13.3" but it doesn't have to be perfect/snug fit - just something that provides minimal shelter inside another bag and be easy to pick up and go on its own (including space for the charger, and pens/phone/wallet would be bonus).

It's so frustrating that many cases/sleeves don't even list their weight on their selling pages, or I find contradictory information on different pages. Is everybody else is a superhero to whom weight is immaterial? (Okay, that's not my real askme question, just rhetorical).

What's the lightest laptop bag or sleeve out there? (I'd probably settle for a pocket-less sleeve if I have to). Do I just need to haunt ebay for resale?

Thank you!
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I have this timbuk2 laptop sleeve and I love it. I liked how lightweight it was, but it still might be too much for you at just under a pound depending on the size. They also have this one that comes in at .4lbs. I've never seen it in person but all their products are pretty awesome.
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Brenthaven's Trek Sleeve offers maximum protection at a very low weight and a very reasonable price.
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Ikea has a new set of bags and suitcases. I've had their briefcase / laptop bag for a year and love it. It's very light; made of a kind of dense foam material. It is weather resistant. It'll hold up to a 15" laptop.
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Other Muji bags?
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Response by poster: Apparently it's as difficult of a question as I thought it was.

Half a pound is kind of a lot. I wrote to Brenthaven to ask about the weight of the Trek Sleeve so hopefully I'll hear back.

I also couldn't find the weight of the Ikea bag online. Is this the one you mean? It says the shipping weight is almost two pounds. How much does it feel like to you?

Unfortunately none of the other Muji bags are really comparable. Especially when you add in that this one cost under $30. Possibly under $20, I can't remember exactly. :(

Thanks for the thoughts so far.
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Here's the info about the Trek Sleeve (from the Brenthaven site here):

Weight: 1.3 lb.
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Response by poster: Just in case it's useful to future readers, here are some things I've found so far (nb, I've also been looking for the 11in macbook air, as I'm almost certainly switching to the lighter/smaller model. (Yes, I'm a wimp...):

The Rad Tech Sleevz should be about 33g, barely more than an ounce. It's just a sleeve and no pockets but so far it's the lightest one I've come across. ($25, though I found a used one on Amazon for $10).

This "medium laptop bag" at MochiThings is probably the closest I've found to my old Muji bag, although annoyingly it's twice the price and significantly heavier (and the colors are kind of weird). Still, at 13oz it's under a pound, which is less than a lot of similar bags, and it looks like it can hold quite a bit. ($54)

Still looking...
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I just emptied my bag and weighed it. The bag w/o the shoulder strap is 1lb 13oz. The strap is 4oz.
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If you just want a sleeve, check out Built. They don't list the weights online, but I'm sure if you called or emailed, they could tell you. This one looks cool:
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