Getting a simple https folder to call my own
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Is there a hosting service that will provide me a directory to put some simple https (SSL) content without a lot of $$$ and effort?

Basically I want to drop 10 GIF files in a directory that can be accessed by an https:// URL. This would let me create customized buttons for my secure mals-e shopping cart without triggering the "unsecured content" message on browsers.

My hosting service is Dreamhost but they have a ridiculous series of hoops you have to go through just to get a simple https server, including getting a static IP and certificates. I recall years ago my old hosting service let you just switch out http with https in the URL and get the same content, which Dreamhost doesn't allow. I tried.

Again I just want to put 10 GIF images in a directory of my own and not be paying $200 and spend half the afternoon setting things up. What would be the best route for this?
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I believe Hurricane Electric by default has a 'secure_html' counterpart directory to 'public_html' under the home directory in each account, and this will correspond to some URL of the form "".
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Doesn't matter who you go with - you still need a secure certificate to serve up https things from a given domain name.

The only way around it is for the images to be hosted at that DOES have a secure cert. Otherwise, the user is going to be prompted about the security (lack thereof) of downloading those GIF images...
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Pretty sure you will still get browser pop up that the content even though secured, is being served from a different location. I am probably wrong but something to check into first.
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