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I'm arriving in NYC at 7am. I can't check in to my hotel until 4pm. I'm gonna need a shower between then. How the heck do I do that?

So I'm getting to the Port Authority Bus Terminal around 7 in the morning, and I need to be in TriBeCa by 11-ish. I'm not counting on an early check in at the hotel (obviously) so where can I shower? I'm not comfortable with sneaking into members-only facilities at a gym somewhere so I'm looking for a gym/yoga studio/something where I can purchase a day pass or the like. Any suggestions?
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Many hotels have agreements with gyms, allowing hotel guests to use the facilities (most of the time, an additional fee is involved). Even if your room isn't ready till 4, you can probably still check in and take advantage of guest services.

Call the hotel and see if they have such an agreement, or if they have a list of nearby gyms/spas/etc. that allow non-members to purchase a day pass.
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You could always sign up for a 2 week trial membership for New York Sports Club prior to your arrival. It'll set you back $19.99, but after a bus trip showers are priceless. There's a club at Grand Central that's not too far from the P.A.
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What day of the week?
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Why wouldn't you be able to check in before 4pm? I've checked in early at hotels before. Just ask when you get to NYC or the day before. Doesn't hurt to ask.
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Seconding you should check with the hotel, when you arrive, if you can check in. Unless there's some special reason why you can't check in early, it just depends on if there's a room ready.
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Try the Y. I was going to call to find out if they have daily passes, but gotta run.
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when do you arrive? if you are coming after June 27th the new york public pools (and the accompanying locker rooms) are open free of charge.
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Best answer: I can't remember which one, I'm afraid, but I definitely went swimming at one of the midtown hotels listed here by paying a one-off entry fee. Which obviously included use of locker rooms.
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Best answer: I hope this doesn't sound creepy, but you can totally shower at my house if you need to. I'm a freelancer, I work from home so I'm guaranteed to be around, and several mefites can vouch for my general non-creepitude. I live with my sister, a roommate, and two cats in lovely Greenpoint, a mere 30 minute subway ride from Port Authority. Memail me if you want.
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A call to Crunch Fitness (a few blocks from the bus terminal) indicates a day pass is $16. Never been there, but I'll bet they have showers.
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Vouching for [NOT HERMITOSIS-IST]'s general lack of creepitude.
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I would take NOT-HERMI up on his offer. He is definitely not a creep.
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Many hotels have agreements with gyms, allowing hotel guests to use the facilities

Many hotels also have hospitality suites with showers for situations like this.
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Get a free day pass (to ostensibly try the gym out before you join) for any gym in the area. There is a Bally's on 50th and 8th Ave which is a 5 minute subway ride from the Port Authority. You can call the local gym you want to "try" or call their headquarters to arrange for a free pass. I know that Bally's offers this.
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Actually a mefite I know (who I actually met through the site) just showed up to wash her dress in my sink-- a beverage exploded on it, and she was closer to my place than her home.

Not that I'm running any kind of crazy hostel or anything.
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I have also met NH and he's a good guy. I vouch.
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Plus, if you go to Greenpoint you can get awesome Thai food or Polish food...yum...
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I too have met NH and can vouch for his non-creepitude and great hospitality.
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As the mefite who washer her kombucha-splattered dress in [NOT HERMITOSIS-IST]'s sink, I will also, belatedly, vouch for his absolute non-creepitude. And as a fellow Greenpoint reisdent, allow me to highly recommend my lovely, under-appreciated neighborhood to an incoming guest.
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Definitely try the hotel first, but have some of the gym locations in your pocket just in case. If you're staying at a moderate hotel (Sheraton, Marriott, etc.) they will most likely have an onsite gym or pool which may have showers. You can also call ahead and explain your situation and maybe they will do you a favor (especially if you have loyalty points).

When I was in NYC not too long ago, I took a red eye flight in, so like you, I arrived at 7am - I went straight to the hotel, expecting just to check my bags at the bell desk, and they were able to put me in a room right away (no extra charge). I stayed at the Sheraton at Times Square and they were really accommodating. But if you're staying at a small/boutique hotel, you might have to venture out to a gym.

Another option, if you're traveling by air at any point in your journey is to buy a pass to the executive lounges in the airport. Those are probably more costly than the gym shower, though, but you'll get cocktails and a quiet lounge when you're there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the awesome offer, NH, but I have an entourage of sorts with me and bringing my whole group to your house for a shower on a Saturday morning seemed terribly impolite!

I called the hotel (a Best Western in Chinatown) at 8-ish and they didn't have any rooms available yet, nor did they have a hospitality suite available. (Their exercise room didn't have showers either. Weird.) We ended up using the gym at Le Parker Meridien (one of the hotels suggested in game warden's link) and it was more than appropriately swanky. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
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