Why is a New York shopkeeper in the seventies rocking a Tulane ringer?
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Can anybody come up with a good reason why the shopkeeper in Taxi Driver would be wearing a Tulane ringer shirt?

As a Louisianan, who is finally getting around to watching some classic films, I found myself jarred when I saw, in the stick-up scene, that the (ostensibly hispanic) shopkeeper wearing a Tulane shirt.

Now, for years, we've known that there are more New Yorkers than New Orleanians at Tulane (which serves as a hip second-tier alternative for Northeasterners who couldn't or didn't want to swing an Ivy Leaguer). But, that explanation barely suffices.

Any ideas? Was there a writer or producer or costume designer who had a Tulane or New Orleans link?
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I think you're looking too deep into this. It was probably done out of convenience (the actor was already wearing it, or the actor was wearing something that didn't go well with the scene, so they just threw him a t-shirt).

Good luck.
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Yeah - I agree with hal. It was prolly what was there, so they went with it.
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I think it's possible there's a link. A character in Erin Brokovich wore a tshirt from my high school and everyone freaked out. It was even in the alumni newsletter.
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