Why is a New York shopkeeper in the seventies rocking a Tulane ringer?
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Can anybody come up with a good reason why the shopkeeper in Taxi Driver would be wearing a Tulane ringer shirt?

As a Louisianan, who is finally getting around to watching some classic films, I found myself jarred when I saw, in the stick-up scene, that the (ostensibly hispanic) shopkeeper wearing a Tulane shirt.

Now, for years, we've known that there are more New Yorkers than New Orleanians at Tulane (which serves as a hip second-tier alternative for Northeasterners who couldn't or didn't want to swing an Ivy Leaguer). But, that explanation barely suffices.

Any ideas? Was there a writer or producer or costume designer who had a Tulane or New Orleans link?
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Yeah - I agree with hal. It was prolly what was there, so they went with it.
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I think it's possible there's a link. A character in Erin Brokovich wore a tshirt from my high school and everyone freaked out. It was even in the alumni newsletter.
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