Greensboro to Cape Fear
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NorthCarolinaFilter: A friend is traveling between Greensboro and Cape Fear and back again - They would love to hear some ideas on what to see? what to do?

Especially interested in any recommendations of the historical variety (museums, tours, etc.).

Alternatively, suggestions or tips on interesting ecological or sustainability projects in this region would also be welcome - also, social justice projects.

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Best answer: The NC State Zoo is a pretty good way to spend a day. Also, in Pittsboro, there is the Carnivore Preservation Trust, which is a refuge for large cats that have been confiscated from people who were keeping them illegally.
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Stop in Chapel Hill around lunch or dinner time. Go to the Rathskeller on Franklin St.

Order the Lasagna. Bask in it's cheesy goodness.
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Bad news -- the Rat is closed. But the USS North Carolina Battleship Memorial in Wilmington is always a great time!
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Well that'll teach me not to visit for years.
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If they're going through Chapel Hill and have some cash to spend on dinner, they should stop at Lantern. They place a lot of emphasis on using local, sustainable ingredients, and they've been in basically every food mag in the US. They could also tour (or just explore) UNC while in Chapel Hill; it's the oldest* public uni in the country, so there's your history.

*Well, first to open its doors. Whatever.

(The Rathskeller died a slow and horrible death. It was really, really atrocious by the time it closed.)
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Response by poster: that Carnivore Preservation Trust place looks amazing - thanks for that "Agent 86"

another question: anyone know of anything in Greensboro that deals with the civil rights sit-ins of 1960?
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