Google reader coming up blank
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Google reader started acting funny this morning

For some reason, google reader is wanting to act funny, in fact, I think all of firefox is going loco on me. First and foremost: google reader opens, but it's not showing the navigation panel, nor anything else (page is blank) except for the google line across the top: google reader, email, settings, help, etc.

It just started doing this this morning. I'm using firefox, and have not installed any addons/greasemonkey scripts. I've tried clearing the cache/private data multiple times, using ccleaner, rebooting and all. I've tried reinstalling firefox also, but no cigar.

It still works fine in internet explorer, plus on another computer using firefox it showed up fine as well.

Not sure if this is related, but two other sites I've had trouble with today also: photobucket didn't want to open a browse window to upload pictures and facebook isn't quite working also with its popups (they usually fade out or close after clicking "ok,etc" but they have stopped doing that also).

Anyone got any other ideas? I'm mostly concerned about greader for now, the others I can deal with later, unless they fix with this. Thanks!
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Try starting Firefox in Safe Mode, just to make sure you don't have a corrupted profile or misbehaving extension
posted by lockle at 9:09 PM on May 29, 2008

I've had this happen to me before, and all I could figure out was to keep restarting FF until it worked. Sometimes holding down the shift key while hitting reload made it load properly, so you could try that.
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Oh! That happened to me when I accidentally zoomed out (or maybe in)!

Try Ctrl-0 (that's a zero) to set your zoom to 100%.
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I had the same thing happen. I had to clear my brower's cache and it was just fine...
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Response by poster: Nothing's worked yet. I did get it to start into safemode and by creating a new profile; only thing is though that I've not installed any applications or scripts anytime before this happened. I suppose I'll just have to keep the new profile and go from there; If anyone has any more suggestions, I'm open to them. Thanks!
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