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I want to highlight and otherwise mark-up a PDF document in OSX.

Unfortunately, it seems that the author somehow protected the file. In Preview, all of the items under Tools, Markup are grayed out. What to do?
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First off, try resetting the security. Go to File->Properties and see if you can change the "Security Method:" drop-down to "No Security." If the Document Restrictions Summary (the bottom half of the Doc Properties window) changes from Not Allowed to Allowed, you're in business.

If you know the author, you may be able to get the PDF's password. If you have the password you can go to File->Properties and unlock the PDF in the Security tab.

If neither of these works you may be out of luck.
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I should mention that the above is based on the assumption that you have Acrobat Pro.
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If you are willing to use another program, I have had good luck with PDFPen.
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You could also try Skim.
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