Please recommend PDF indexing software for OS X.
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Please recommend OS X software which can generate indexes from PDF files. Freeware is best, but shareware is also fine.

I have a number of PDFs which are several hundred pages in length, for which I would like to generate indexes. Some wishlist features:

* indexes both rare words, and words from a list.
* can adjust the page numbers it outputs to match the actual numbering on each page of the PDF, rather than the logical page numbers.
* tweakable with respect to what kind of words get indexed, and what kind do not
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A quick Google search revealed PDF Index Generator. I have no idea how well it works, and it looks like trialware to me, but it might be worth a shot. On the plus side, it's a java applet, so it can run on any machine.
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Best answer: Substantially DIY but this java code looks like it could be extended to do at least some of what you're looking for.
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