Where, oh where, is the plus-size travel underwear?
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Where can I find travel bras made for large ladies with large bosoms? I'm a 44DD and all of the travel underwear sites like ExOfficio seem to only have bras for more slender/less stacked folks.

My current bra is a poly/cotton blend (sports bra style, no underwire) that sucks up sweat like a sponge and takes forever to dry if I try the "wash it in the sink" trick while traveling. I'm looking for something similar that dries quickly after an impromptu washing and is more moisture wicking than moisture retaining. Surely there's something out there?
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I would highly recommend Wacoal's bras. I've been really happy with their bras -- they last a long while, are highly comfortable and are very supportive. I generally prefer bras with underwires so I've not much experience with sports bras but this bra looks something like what you're looking for and it comes in a 44DD.
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Have you looked at what they have at Junonia? I don't know if anything there would meet your needs; they have Coolmax underwear but I didn't see any bras that seemed especially fast-drying, but you could look.

Decent Exposures makes bras to your measure; mostly cotton, which wouldn't meet your needs, but they also have a fabric called Dri-Release that is suppose to wick moisture away. I love their bras but have never shopped with your criteria in mind.
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have you looked at Title Nine?
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I've never heard of "travel bras" specifically but if you want something that dries quickly avoid cotton. Stick to synthetics. Cotton holds sweat.

I've ordered from figleaves.co.uk before, but I had tried on those brands live in a store before ordering, so I knew how the sizing worked and what I needed. I would recommend going to a specialty bra shop but I can't recommend since I don't know where you are.
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Title 9 has a "best wicking bras" section, in addition to all their other bras. They make great stuff, and their return policy is easy.
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I just use a regular, non-cotton bra with padded straps. They dry in a day. I'm sure you know that anything over a C-cup is hard to find good bras for, let alone a special kind. Have you used ExOfficio stuff before? I used the underwear once and ti took 3 times as long to dry as normal, cheap synthetic undies in SE Asia.
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Awesome - I'd never heard of Junonia and thought Title Nine wouldn't have what I want (they're a little on the smaller end of band sizing), but both look promising. My breasts thank you all!
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