What do you do with leftover rump roast?
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I have nearly 3 pounds of rump roast left over from a few days ago. Half of it is sliced, the other half not. I think maybe soup is in order. It would certainly be freezer friendly and wouldn't go to waste. Any suggestions on what to do with all this beef? Recipes?
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Beef Pot Pie

That recipe uses exactly three pounds of rump roast, BTW.
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Barbeque Beef for sandwiches
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... or if you prefer, a list.
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My favorite meal when I was a kid was roast beef hash. Dice it up and mix it in with fried diced onions and potatoes. Mmmm.
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Saute some onions in butter, then when they're soft, put in some of the thinly sliced beef and warm it through. Take out the beef and onions, then put some nice thick bread in the pan for a minute to toast and soak up some of the buttery goodness. It makes the best sandwich.

Or cut it into thin slices or little chunks and marinate it in some adobo sauce, then heat and use in fajitas or tacos.
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I don't think you're going to get decent soup out of it, unless you use beef stock along with the meat. I'm thinking the time to make soup will overcook your already cooked meat.

Sloppy Joes?

Big sandwiches with au jus and/or horseradish mayo?
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Leftover rump roast is excellent as a replacement for ground beef in your favorite chili recipe.
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Beef pot pie is a good idea, but if you're not up for making the crust, do a shepherd's pie instead, which is exactly the same recipe except no crust on the bottom and leftover mashed potatoes smeared on top and dotted with butter.
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I've had good success cooking up leftover pot roast with caramelized onions and peas as a sauce for noodles. This recipe gives the general idea (I can't remember where that link came from, and I certainly don't vouch for the canned mushrooms and garlic powder -- use the real thing, obviously.)
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Any kind of roast meat can be frozen just as it is; slice it up for convenience, and parcel it into portion sized amounts in little baggies or in clingfilm, and you'll have the base of quick meals in your freezer, such as a stir-fry or risotto. Just cook it as you would with sliced raw beef, but obviously less time (since you are just searing); it can be marinated as well.

My husband and I will purposely do family sized roasts, even though it's just the two of us, to have the left over cooked meat for quick weekday cooking and sandwiches.
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Heat it up with a barbeque-y sauce of your choice and make sandwiches. Yum.
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Oops, I meant to add that you should shred it up first.
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