English as a foreign language programs in the Northeast U.S.?
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English as a foreign language programs in the Northeast U.S.?

An old Japanese friend, now an anthropologist, plans to spend his year of leave in the United States. Because he's gone out of his way for me on many occasions, I'd like to reciprocate by helping him gather some information.

He’s looking for an “English as a foreign language” program that meets some or all of these criteria: 1) based at an university 2) on the Eastern seaboard 3) flexible so that he can do archival work some of the time 4) appropriate for an advanced reader with elementary conversation skills and 5) adult students, as he’s in his thirties.

For the purposes of this question, please assume the visa, costs, and library access are not problems.

At this stage I’m looking for names of programs with good reputations, and suggestions for resources on the web. I couldn’t find anything related to this question in the Askme archives, and this is the kind of question for which google results are especially hard to interpret. Thanks.
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Just about every university I've ever known offers this type of program.
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I'm a professor and over the years I've been affiliated with quite a few universities and can't think of any that had programs for professionals looking to sharpen their language skills apart from a degree plan.

Perhaps a language school separate from a university is what would suit my friend? Any specific recommendations or review sites would be greatly appreciated.
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I googled "edu english language international program intensive" and came up with a lot of programs, not NE specific though.
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Maine has some programs:

Univ. of Southern Maine

Univ. of Maine at Orono

He'd have to contact them to find out more specifics, however.

This place might fit the bill; I don't have any experience with them, but he could get a cheap winter rental or this place rents some nice apts in the area, some of which are very reasonably priced and might do month-to-month or a good one-year lease.

Could also contact the JASM. They might be able to point him in the right direction.
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This in from a friend who runs an Adult Education Center in MD:

In the US it is called English as a SECOND language (ESL). Or English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). That is probably the issue for locating a program.

Most states will have programs sponsored by the State Board of Education, or the Higher Education System. I would suggest searching by state, as well as the acronyms listed above.

Hope this helps.
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