Good car window shop in NYC?
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NYC Filter: I need to replace a window on my car and I was wondering if anyone in the NYC area could recommend a good car - window shop; bonus points if they'll come to me rather than having me drive to them.
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I'm sorry that I don't have any good advice for you.

I owned a car in Manhattan for a few years, (and my family has had a car in Manhattan for decades, and from my personal experience, the market for auto services is so small (i.e. the number of people who spend the money to keep a car in the city itself) that there are very few good services for car owners.

The gas stations are all dirty and shady. The garages are worse (if you judge your auto mechanic by the cleanliness of their work area, often a good metric, NYC garages are awful.) Most of the auto services within the city are marketing towards taxi/livery cars.

I had to have a car because my office was in Bergen County. I ended up getting my car serviced out there. It was much more pleasant, much cheaper, and I'm sure much better service than anything within Manhattan.

I realize this doesn't help your current situation but I wanted to point out yet another problem of owning a car in Manhattan.
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My neighbors and I are fully convinced that more than one garage near us actually hires young thugs to break the car windows of locals who park on the street to bring in business. It's a deplorable practice, so at least it's good that you are not looking in Brooklyn. If you have the option of going to the suburbs of NJ, PA, CT or Long Island, it would probably be much cheaper.
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Confucius say:

Clean repair area is repair area without work.

Confucius also say:

Place without work bad place to be.
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