Antique jewelry in NYC
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Looking for suggestions for places which sell reasonably-priced antique jewelry (or contemporary jewelry with a classic sensibility) in NYC. Stores with helpful, novice-friendly staff a big plus. Thanks.
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Pippin Vintage for lower end (most pieces under $500); Doyle and Doyle for mid to higher end (some really nice stuff in the $100-$500 range, but pieces do go up to $30K+).
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Barneys has a wonderful vintage jewelry collection on the main floor -- small, well-edited, priced from reasonable to stratospheric.
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Alice Kwartler antiques has a nice selection and was exceedingly honest with me when I purchased vintage diamond earrings. The sales lady noticed a small flaw in the stone that I did not and gave me 20% off. I never would have noticed it.
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Doyle and Doyle has a great ever changing selection (but not so big to be overwhelming) and the staff is super friendly and helpful and their prices are always about what they should be. If you tell them if you are looking for a specific kind of piece they will keep that in mind and send you personal emails every time they get something they think you might like.
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Seconding Pippin. Really great service.
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My sister, who is a NYC-based antique jewelry seller (but online only so I'll resist plugging her company here), is also a big fan of Doyle and Doyle.
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Loved Doyle and Doyle. We mostly looked at the rings, but they had a lot of other stuff if you're looking for other stuff.
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